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April 1, 2018

Hi Neighbors!

 I figured out how to get into the website!  Hooray!


The draft minutes of our meeting from March 5, 2018 are posted on the "Minutes" page of this site for your review.  They will be accepted at our next meeting, which I hope will be in late May.  As soon as the Executive Committee has a chance to select a date, I will let you know here and via Facebook, NextDoor, and the neighborhood message board by the Little Free Library.  


For the moment, we are working on sifting through the boxes of historical stuff, transferring bank account info, filing paperwork, etc.  My spring got a little busier than expected (doesn't that always happen?!), but we'll get through everything eventually.


In the meantime, if you have any ideas, thoughts, or concerns, please don't hesitate to share them with us via email at ElMontevideoNeighborhood (at) gmail (dot) com.  


All my best,


President, El Montevideo Neighborhood Association

PS. I'm leaving the reference information below, as well as most of the info on this site, as it is for now, so please understand that some of it might be out of date!  Thanks :-) 



Calling All Block Captains...

Former, existing an future block captains.  Given the increase of crime in our neighborhood, and some impending developments in the El Conquistador Mall, as well as a desire to ramp up neighbor involvement, we will be looking for new ways to engage the Block Captains group. For more details on what a block captain does, please visit this link. Please Call 520-344-3393 and leave a message if you are interested in knowing more about this crucial part of our Neighborhood Association.

Crime Report Link: 

Click on the link to view reported criminal activity in our area.

Crime Report Link

Phone Numbers of Interest

Report Bees at the following Sites

  • Parks and Recreation:  791-4144
  • Rights-of-Ways:  791-4728 (after hours 791-4144)
  • Water meters:  791-4133
  • Bees on private property: 792-2489

Please do not call the Fire Department unless the bees threaten public safety

West Nile Virus Hot Line - 243-7999

Offers mosquito control tips, mosquito complaints or to report standing water. 


Counseling -729-3087

Foreclosure Counseling, Homebuyer Counseling, Credit Counseling, Financial Education, Senior Issues, Financial Assistance, Legal Assistance, Identity Theft, 


 88-Crime - 882-7463

A special program for people who wish to report information about a crime to authorities but do not want to leave their name.

Barking Dogs/Dogs off leash - 743-7550

It is unlawful to permit dogs to bark in such a manner  as to disturb a person or neighborhood.  It is unlawful to permit dogs to be off-leash outside of their enclosed property.  For information or enforcement, call Pima County Animal Control

Graffiti Removal Hotline - 792-2487 (CITY)

Illegal Dumping - 791-3171

Unkempt Properties, Weeds - 791-5843

Junk Cars - 791-4550

It is against Tucson City Code to park an inoperable vehicle without a current registration on private property unless it is completely enclosed in a garage or covered with a car cover or tarp.  For enforcement on this code, call Tucson Police Department.


792-CITY is the number to call when you don’t know where to call for service. If you are seeking government services from the City, we will make that connection for you. If you are seeking government services from entities other than the City of Tucson, we will provide that information. 792-CITY is staffed by a live person from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.